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By: yourtown 31 Mar BoysTown, Blog
BoysTown will partner with Max Employment to provide more jobs training and employment services to disadvantaged young people across Australia.


The Federal Government announced today that, new employment services called jobactive will better meet the needs of job seekers and employers and improve job outcomes.

As part of jobactive we will work with Max Employment to extend our specialised youth employment services into Sydney’s south west, the Hunter Region in New South Wales, South East Queensland’s Somerset region, northern Hobart and central and north western Tasmania.

The partnership also allows us to continue to offer employment help to young people in south east Brisbane, Sydney’s greater west, and northern Adelaide.

With rising levels of youth unemployment especially in areas of high disadvantage our successful tender will give even more young people the opportunity to find work.
Every young person deserves the chance to turn their lives around, no matter what their history. Some of the most disadvantaged people don’t have the traditional support of family, friends and the community and that is where we need to step in. Tracy Adams, BoysTown CEO.
The new services will officially commence on 1 July 2015.

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