BoysTown steps into international spotlight

By: yourtown 21 Nov 2014 BoysTown, Blog
More than 700 specialists from 80 countries gathered in Seville, Spain to discuss education and innovation. BoysTown was there and presented insights…


BoysTown Senior Researcher, Salote Scharr, was sponsored by Griffith University to present two papers at the 7th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation.

The forum is internationally recognised as a preeminent event showcasing the latest developments in teaching and learning methods, educational projects and innovations, and new technologies for education and research.

The two papers were associated with the Australian Research Council linkage project between BoysTown and Griffith University entitled - Reconnecting Disaffected Youth through Successful Transition to Work.

One paper focussed on improving work and personal outcomes for young people through on-the-job learning and the other on young people living in social housing areas and how our enterprises helped them to find work.
There were questions from attendees from Sydney and the Netherlands. Discussions revolved around what BoysTown can do with the findings. I spoke about our service delivery implications and advocacy. Salote Scharr
Participation at these events helps us to maintain a global perspective on issues affecting young people. We are proud to be at the forefront and strive to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people.

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