BoysTown Yarning Circle opens in Logan

By: yourtown 11 Mar BoysTown, Blog
A BoysTown art project is creating a space for the Indigenous community in Logan to gather and share information.


The BoysTown Yarning Circle is open at the Logan Art Gallery until April 10.

The exhibition is the culmination of a year’s work by 35 local artists aged from five to 60 years.

Seven Yarning Poles were created, each representing the different elements used in storytelling by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The artists gathered in groups at the BoysTown Kingston Art workshop to brainstorm the design, colour and symbols for their Yarning Pole and write a story about that element. They then worked together to paint their design.
Indigenous people’s conversations often take the form of a story and throughout history these stories have been told not only verbally and but through art. This project combines those two forms of communication to build trust and create relationships in the local community. Evangeline Goodfellow, BoysTown Arts Trainer.
This is just one of our programs that give people the platform to express themselves through their cultural heritage and an opportunity to positively interact with each other.

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