Building careers for disadvantaged youth

By: yourtown 29 Oct 2014 Blog, BoysTown

In Adelaide’s northern suburbs, where the youth unemployment rate is around 40%, BoysTown and Renewal SA are providing paid work opportunities for disadvantaged young people.



CEO Tracy Adams and BoysTown Ambassador David Field visited the build and sell home at the Playford Alive development this week to check on progress and provide encouragement for the young construction team.

Tracy Adams says this social enterprise program, like other BoysTown youth support programs, places a strong emphasis on employability and life skills development as well as providing support to find ongoing employment when the project is completed.




It is one of our most successful strategies for helping disadvantaged young people secure a job. We are already seeing results with two young men involved in the project finding other jobs. Tracy Adams, BoysTown CEO


Young people like John Webb – who can be seen in the video from Channel 9 News – is completing his apprenticeship.

BoysTown is one of the pioneers of work-based social enterprises in Australia, having provided over 2,200 young people with paid work experience and training since 1999.

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