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By: yourtown 13 Nov 2014 BoysTown, Blog
Last year we helped more than 9,000 young people pursue their training, education and employment goals.


Young people like David.*

When David came to BoysTown three years ago he was struggling at school. He was very shy and kept to himself.

With the support of our caring staff he has come a long way.

He is now working full time at a large retailer and managing an entire department. He has the responsibility of opening and closing the store, ordering stock, completing rosters and serving customers. He has also just earned his Provisional licence and bought a new car.

David recently called to thank our Youth Connections team for their support and they could hear in his voice how confident and happy he had become.
I just called to thank the people who helped me get to where I am today. David
Stories like David’s are why BoysTown exists. The changes we make big or small have an impact on lives forever.

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*Name changed for privacy

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