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We are committed to providing a voice for young people to ensure they are valued, that their rights are respected and that their needs and issues are considered by Governments and other decision makers.


BoysTown’s research is undertaken through evaluations and partnerships with Australian universities to help children and young people have their say about the policies affecting their lives.

Our research agenda is guided by the needs of our clients, the priorities of our services and the current gaps in contemporary research within the scope of our work.

Our Research team also plays an important role in evaluating many of our services and programs. This not only helps inform changes to our services but provides a unique insight into how the children, young people and families we work with learn from our activities.

In 2014 cybersafety, Indigenous training and employment, mental health, social security and employment were at the top of our research and advocacy agenda.

To find out more, check out this video or download a copy of the Annual Report in PDF.
In 2015 we will continue to develop and modify our services and stand up for those most in need. Tracy Adams, BoysTown CEO.
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