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Australia’s unemployment rate is the highest in a decade, and it’s easy to understand how many young people might give up trying to find a job.


Finding employment is especially tough when you are facing barriers like low literacy and numeracy, homelessness, mental health concerns, drug or gambling problems or social isolation.

BoysTown offers a mix of training, work experience and other interventions to help young people achieve sustainable and meaningful employment and improved life skills.

Young people like Ben.*
I had been unemployed for a long time, that is, until I had an appointment with BoysTown. My employment consultant helped me in many ways to address my barriers and issues to get me job ready. I can’t thank her enough. This is the first job agency that has helped me to get a job. Ben
At BoysTown we never give up on young people. We stand by young people like Ben as they change their lives and achieve their dreams.

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*Name changed for privacy

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