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By: yourtown 19 Nov 2014 BoysTown, Blog
BoysTown’s Youth Connections program has supported over 3,500 young people in South East Queensland over the past four years.


We work with young people struggling with mainstream education and help them re-connect with the community, education and work.

Young people like Sammy.*

When Sammy came to us he was homeless. His parents gave him the choice to attend school and stop using drugs or leave home, he chose to leave home. We found him some temporary accommodation, drug counselling and a place in one of our work skills training programs.

This is where Sammy came into his own. He stopped using drugs and excelled in the program. He started to apply for work and now has a Metal Fabrication Apprenticeship. Sammy has also mended his relationship with his parents and is living back at home.
We know this program works, young people like Sammy, return to education or go on to training or employment.
Thanks to the valuable contributions of our Art Union ticket buyers, donors and other supporters, BoysTown is able to fund education and training programs like this.

You can help us continue this important work by supporting the BoysTown Art Union or making a one off donation.

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*Name changed for privacy.

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