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By: yourtown 14 May BoysTown, Blog
We know that no two people learn the same way, and young people can disengage from school because it is ‘just not them’. We are working to offer young people other ways to engage and learn.


Young people like Jaden*, who took part in one of our youth engagement programs helping students struggling with school to reconnect with the community, education and work.

Jaden came to our Capalaba site disengaged from school. He enrolled in employability skills training and showed determination and focus. Training successfully completed he is now working casually in a takeaway shop. Even better he has been shortlisted for a traineeship with a local manufacturer.
Jaden exemplifies everything we hope for young people. He is working to achieve his goals in life and despite some setbacks he remains determined to succeed.
Last year we helped 1,400 young people like Jaden through our education and work transition programs.

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*Name changed for privacy.

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