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By: yourtown 07 Jan BoysTown, Blog
As we get ready for another year of work, school and/or family life. It can be hard to recall the very real feelings of community that occur around Christmas and, with the generosity of BoysTown supporters, throughout the year.


Help is needed 24/7. Indeed, right across the festive season, our Kids Helpline counsellors were kept busy and our refuges were sheltering homeless families, and those escaping domestic violence.

We are pleased to say, that with the support of art union ticket buyers, donors, volunteers, corporate partners and staff, Christmas was still a special time for those we help.

The kind donations we received of food, clothing and gifts were cherished. One young mother said ...
I hadn’t felt a family Christmas experience before. It was completely unexpected. My five year old daughter danced with excitement all day. She received her first doll and loved it. Everyone is so generous.
Whether large or small, all contributions are appreciated by our team and valued by the people involved with our services.

Thank you cards for our supportersThe cards above were lovingly handmade by some of the children we help to show their gratitude!

Your continued support will help us deliver counselling, employment, support and training services in 2015.

You can help right now by buying a ticket in the BoysTown Art Union or making a donation. It will make a difference.

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