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BoysTown delivers counselling, education, training, care and support to thousands of children, young people and families every week thanks to our passionate employees.


Clinical Practice Supervisors provide regular guidance and support for staff working directly with clients. Here’s what a typical day is like…

“My day can include any combination of developing and running training sessions, providing clinical and professional supervision, managing performance, reviewing cases, supporting staff in making ethical decisions and managing challenging situations at our sites in the community or at Kids Helpline and Parentline.

"My role is very broad and extends me professionally. It requires a lot of flexibility and creativity to be able to juggle the variety of tasks."
BoysTown is a large and diverse organisation that responds to the community through a huge variety of services. There are lots of opportunities for learning and development, and although the work can be extremely challenging, seeing the achievements and success of the clients it is worth it.
Our caring and compassionate staff, supported by Clinical Practice Supervisors, help more than 250,000 children, young people and families every year.

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