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By: yourtown 28 May BoysTown, Blog
We are committed to changing the lives of children, young people and families experiencing disadvantage by providing them with education, counselling and preparation skills for employment.


Young people like Evan,* a 23 year old father of three, who came to BoysTown almost four years ago. His story has been one of overcoming adversity, of perseverance and ultimately one of triumph.

Evan had been either homeless or in transient accommodation for much of his adult life, a situation that had made him feel that he had no control over many of the decisions most of us take for granted. Continual rejection resulted in low self-esteem. But coming to BoysTown showed that Evan was willing to take positive steps towards his future.

Evan received counselling, and support to find stable accommodation. He started on a Work for the Dole program and there was noticeable difference in his self-esteem and attitude. We arranged for him to have a day’s work experience with a manufacturer and he impressed them so much they offered him part-time employment shortly afterwards. Evan is proud as punch.
Evan had every reason to hide behind a multitude of barriers and blame everyone else for his situation but he chose to do the hard things, to face up to his challenges and to step out into the light. It's a light he can now share with his family and one that will give him and them a brighter future.
Last year we supported more than 9,500 job seekers like Evan to successfully transition to independent living, further education, training or work.

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*Name changed for privacy.

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