New support program for at risk youth

By: yourtown 30 Mar Blog, BoysTown

Our new Youth Engagement Program (YEP) was officially launched on Friday to help young people at risk in South East Queensland.


YEP is for young people aged 14 to 18 years who are disengaged from mainstream schooling and live in Logan, Ipswich and the Redlands.

We know that no two people learn the same way, with young people often disengaging from education because it is ‘just not them’. We are working with local organisations to offer young people other ways to engage and learn including dance, arts and sports activities.

The program began in January 2015 and we are dedicated to providing one-on-one case management for no fewer than 400 young people per year.

If I knew a friend of mine needed to know about BoysTown I would tell them they are supportive, caring and amazing people that try to support you whenever they can. I am always treated as if I am a part of the BoysTown family. Bailee Sugiaman, YEP Participant.

Our experience shows that programs like this work. Our Youth Connections program supported more than 3,500 young people in South East Queensland over the last four years, with an impressive 80% returning to education or going on to training or employment.

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