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Last year we helped 1,400 young people to re-engage with learning, finish school or find work.


Young people like Nathan.*

“I got into some trouble at school. I got involved with the wrong people, I got in fights. It wasn’t really bad stuff; there were no weapons involved, just fists. Me and my father never really got along because he went off to university and I never did. That is what made him really disappointed. I got expelled and then I came to BoysTown.

They taught me to try and change my life and suggested I go back to school and finish Year 12. From their attitudes it made me want to change. I passed all my subjects getting A’s in most and I ended up graduating. Without BoysTown I never would have gone back to school.
If it wasn’t for them I would most probably be in jail. They made me feel like I was on top of the world. Nathan.
Nathan’s story is inspiring and proves that what we do makes a real difference.

We offer programs right across Australia that help young people improve their literacy and numeracy, build self-confidence and identify and resolve issues that affect their lives. Let us know your thoughts on how BoysTown changes lives. Comment below.

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*Name changed for privacy

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