Overcoming challenges

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We are committed to helping young people improve their literacy and numeracy, build self-confidence and resolve issues that affect their lives.


Young people like Anna.*

Anna is 16 years old. She started with BoysTown last year, after dropping out of school and hitting a few tough challenges in her personal life.

Anna focused on improving her Maths and English, as well as goal setting and planning. She decided to focus on getting a job in retail. She participated in our Community Learning Retail program. Shy at first, she really blossomed. Anna became a different person, dressing professionally and becoming confident about her direction.

She even spoke at her graduation ceremony about how happy she was to receive her first qualification. Our Employment Services team secured her a job interview and happily she was successful. There were tears of joy, and not just from Anna!
Anna is now supporting her family, and is an inspiration to every young person facing big challenges.
Last year we helped more than 1,400 young people to re-engage with learning, finish school or find work.

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*Name changed for privacy

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