Parents the key to learning

By: yourtown 06 Jan BoysTown, Blog
Being a young parent is never easy but BoysTown is helping with many support and education programs.


Our newest program is BELLS – Building Early Language and Literacy Skills – a free literacy education program for young families.

Parents aged up to 25 and their young children will learn in a relaxed and informal environment about the importance of reading, how they can make learning fun for their child and much more!

Language and literacy is the foundation for all learning and success. Strong reading skills form the basis for learning in all school subjects and children who have been read to at home go to school well prepared to learn to read and write.
Lifelong learning starts in the home and parents play a vital role in this process! Trina MacKenzie, Program Facilitator.

Generously funded by The Margaret Pemberton Foundation, BELLS is offered in Logan and Port Pirie. If you or someone you know is interested please contact us.

This program is only one of the many ways we are helping children, young people and families to change their lives and create brighter futures.

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