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By: yourtown 19 Oct Blog, BoysTown

Our programs are giving young people a fresh start at life...


Cooper was a very shy 15 year old who didn’t interact well with others, was disengaged from school and refused to attend. His brother had successfully completed our Fresh Start program and his parents hoped Cooper could achieve the same outcome.

Fresh Start is part of our Youth Engagement Program (YEP) and is an entry level literacy and numeracy course, focusing on social welfare issues facing individuals as well as their educational needs.

Fresh Start gave Cooper the opportunity to work at his own pace and feel worthy. He worked much better once he realised he wasn’t the only one who struggled and didn’t feel singled out.

Cooper greatly benefited from one-on-one tutoring and his new sense of belonging gave him strength in his academic abilities. Fresh Start made him open up, leading him to converse more with peers, and adults, and better able to deal with difficult life situations.

Cooper is now more confident and believes he can do things as well as others, he’s better at making decisions and he sleeps better, not feeling under pressure or stressed. His literacy and numeracy has significantly improved and most importantly, Cooper has gone back to school and is attending five days a week!

It’s cool to be in BoysTown! Cooper

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