Reconnecting young people with school

By: yourtown 16 Apr BoysTown, Blog
This National Youth Week we are celebrating the achievements of the young people who come to BoysTown to turn their lives around.


Young people like 14 year old Kira*, who took part in one of our young engagement programs helping young people struggling with school to reconnect with the community, education and work.

Kira came to our Capalaba site last year totally disengaged from school. She joined our program and started to slowly chip away at improving her literacy and numeracy and addressing some personal issues that were stopping her from enjoying school.
There was a great improvement in Kira’s attitude, outlook, and attendance – even though she had to travel for more than an hour to Capalaba every day. She is now back at school and planning to attend TAFE next year.
Last year we helped 1,400 young people like Kira through our education and work transition programs.

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*Name changed for privacy.

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