Shy student spreads wings

By: yourtown 02 Jun Blog, BoysTown

Inspiring and supporting young people is what yourtown does. It is the reason we exist.


Brianna* joined our Indigenous Youth Careers Pathways (IYCP) Program early last year because she was struggling at school.

IYCP supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students to finish their education and make the transition to further education or work.

By June Brianna had a school based traineeship in Business Administration and with support from BoysTown every step of the way, she successfully completed it last week. She is now back at school full time and readying to finish Year 12.

Brianna started out as a shy and reserved young lady but has really blossomed during her traineeship. She now cannot wait to finish high school and has plans to study law at University.

We will continue to stand by Brianna as she changes her life and achieves her dreams.

Last year BoysTown helped 623 Aboriginal and Torres Strait people through our specialised Indigenous Training and Support Programs.

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*Name changed for privacy.


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