Surviving the holidays

By: yourtown 10 Dec BoysTown, Blog
School holidays are here and Parentline is looking out for parents and carers by offering tips on how to keep kids entertained.


Here are our top five tips for parents with children to make it through the holidays.
  1. Get outside! Fill up as much time as possible with activities that use up kids' energy. Try a family bike ride or camping in the backyard.
  2. Get creative! Pick up some old fridge boxes from your local electrical retailer or find some old sheets and see what your child can (safely!) do with them. These could be a great cubby, rocket ship or hide-out.
  3. Get cooking! There are plenty of child-friendly recipe books which are easy to follow and often involve no oven time.
  4. Get social! If you have a group of close friends or family members with kids around the same age, arrange a roster of activities for all the children.
  5. Get reading! A visit to the local library will be fun and educational. They will have a good selection of children's books suitable for all ages. Many also arrange reading-based activities, such as talks from children's authors.
Also remember if you have exhausted all your ideas then it may be time for kids to come up with some suggestions, just make sure that you have the power to veto! Wendy Protheroe, Parentline.
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