Transforming young lives

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Physical and emotional abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, homelessness, low literacy, long-term unemployment and mental illness are all things that can devastate lives.


We make a difference by taking the time to work with young people step by step, addressing each individual challenge to help them create a new and positive future.

Tara* was only 22 years old when she came to BoysTown.

“I left school in Year 9; I was doing drugs, speed and ice, had no stable accommodation and was on probation."

"I used to just get up and all I would think about was drugs and how I was going to get them.”

Since coming to BoysTown, Tara has made amazing changes to her life.

She completed 10 weeks residential drug rehabilitation and has been drug-free for nearly eight months. She has also gained entry into Certificate III in Dental Assisting at TAFE, a full-time six month course and is topping the class.
I used to live for drugs and now I live for my study. I have a five year plan that I want to be working and be able to buy a house.I have totally turned around. Tara.
All BoysTown employment, education and training programs incorporate individual counselling support. Last year we helped 2,473 people like Tara through our specialised face to face counselling programs.

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*Name changed for privacy.


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