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Unemployed and angry at the world I had no job, no money, and absolutely no direction. I hated my life – but then I found BoysTown.


Here is Angela’s* story in her own words.

Scanning the career pages of the local paper, a BoysTown advertisement caught my eye:

CASUAL REQUIRED Are you aged 17 to 25 and looking for paid training and work experience? We’re offering a 16 week program here in Logan. Gain basic skills in minor construction and landscaping.

I rang BoysTown and scheduled an interview, Wednesday, at 1pm. That day would change my life.

Rejoining the workplace after a battle with depression was a shock to the system. But as I became more comfortable I started to make positive connections with people. BoysTown not only taught me valuable work skills, I also developed life skills.

I no longer wake up each morning feeling sick at the thought of facing another day. Instead I jump out of bed, grateful to be going to a job I love, in a place full of compassionate, caring, and truly selfless people.
Now I hope to use my skills to build communities for those in countries less fortunate than our own. I hope to give back to the people who have given so much to me by paying it forward to others in need. To everyone at BoysTown and all who support them - my cup runneth over. Angela
At BoysTown we never give up on young people. We persevere and stand by young people like Angela as they change their lives and achieve their dreams.

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*Name changed for privacy

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