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All our programs create a safe and supportive environment where young people can be themselves and connect with others who understand and normalise their experience.


Young people like Nell*, who came to Australia as a refugee from Sudan.

Nell joined BoysTown with a dream to work in childcare. She had enrolled in a childcare course and was very excited but was struggling with the language. She knew the course material but found it difficult to put into writing.

By working one-on-one with her youth worker, Nell was able to complete assignments. She would come in at 8am in the morning so they could work together before other clients came in.

After finding that Nell owned a laptop but had no word processing program we were able to install one at no cost to her.
Nell is overjoyed at this support and is now more determined than ever to complete her course.
At BoysTown we never give up. We stand by young people like Nell as they change their lives and achieve their dreams.

Last year we helped more than 9,000 young people pursue their training, education and employment goals.

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*Name changed for privacy.

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