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Amazing things have been happening for our former client, Natalie.


When Natalie dropped out of school, she was 16 and felt she had no direction in life.  It was 2007 when Natalie discovered yourtown (formally known as BoysTown) and she hasn't looked back.  We love hearing from former clients and celebrating the journey to their brighter future.

“I first heard about BoysTown through a family member. I started the Steppers program which was a program for young Indigenous clients in 2007 and continued through with a cert III in Business Administration offered by BoysTown and did my study and training in the office of BoysTown.

It was so beneficial; I had my own study teacher who came out to BoysTown once a week to work with me and complete assessments. I feel that with that support it helped me complete my certificate. BoysTown also paid for my driver license lessons through an indigenous driving school which I then was able to hold a license.

I gained a lot of confidence within myself and workplaces and a huge step in the right path."

Reaching out for assistance is a big step for young people. It takes strength to admit when support and guidance is needed and courage to commit to moving their life forward. We’re so pleased for Natalie and proud to have helped her find her place.

"Prior to connecting with BoysTown I was a 16/17 year old Foster Child, who had dropped out of school in year 12 and lost direction in life. I didn't want to work or study.

After I had completed my Cert III I left BoysTown due to being pregnant. I was a stay at home mum for 5 years and then went on to study Youth and Family Support Services. After a year of study I gained employment with a Youth and Family Support Organisation, being a Youth Co-ordinator for a Youth program aimed at young Indigenous clients.

I now work at a State School in Logan. My role is Indigenous Attendance and Engagement Officer which is full time employment I work with and support Indigenous students and their families in Engagement, Attendance, Academic and Culture."

Thanks to the support of the community, we were there for Natalie. Taking the time to listen and provide her with access to training and support, which helped to find her passion and build her confidence...

"My passion is working with young children and youth and seeing change and growth amongst them. I strive to make a difference in the lives of young people and their hopes and dreams and accomplish what they want and more than what they think they can.

I am now a confident person who strives to make a change whether its one person or a community. I would definitely recommend yourtown as they opened my path to the workforce and supported me through my journey as a young person there.

yourtown are a committed network and I think that’s what our young people need today a supportive and ongoing network.”

Our services are predominantly funded by the community with our 15 Art Unions per year.  For you (as a supporter) it’s a win+win! A chance to win a luxury prize and guarantee a brighter future for young people in Australia. Tickets in our current draw are selling fast. Get yours today!

At yourtown, we are tackling the issues young people have. We continue to be part of the solution and provide services that young people can access to find jobs, learn skills and live safer and happier lives.

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