Your Exclusive Tour Of Our $1.64M Gold Coast Hinterland Prize Home

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"A home for getting away from it all, without having to go far."

If you’re struggling to decide whether you’d choose our Gold Coast Hinterland or Richmond, Melbourne Prize Home, this review might just make your mind up!

Long-time Guestbooker, Hopeful, is back with another rave review that is sure to transport you up into the mountains…


As one might expect in the hills, it's all about the views... mountain views. Buderim had them, Mermaid Waters had them and now Mudgeeraba has them.

This Prize Home is only a few minutes’ drive from Mudgeeraba town and although it borders on the Pacific Motorway, the back areas are quite peaceful and rural.

The town itself isn't short on conveniences.

As this home has a clean burning gas fireplace, the gas is supplied by bottles next to the garage.

It is on town water and I did notice a Taylex enviro-cycle water treatment tank in the back garden, so some if not all the waste water gets treated and fed into the considerable back yard.

NBN should be arriving July-December 2019 with and HFC connection so it should be fast.

Luxury hinterland living…

This is a large (approximately 1.25 acres) sloping block with the backyard taking most of the space. The front of the property is fenced, with an electric gate giving you privacy.

There is room for two cars inside the garage and plenty of parking available on the driveway.

Neat and tidy gardens are a feature throughout the entire property with the garden beds leading to the front door being especially pleasing. There is also a sizeable front lawn for playing in.

It is very evident that extensive use of wood as a feature inside and outside of the house was the primary factor in the design of this home.

This place appears to be spread out over multiple structures in that the garage and laundry are in a separate but joined building to the main part of the home.

The laundry has the usual separate washer and dryer, however this time they are next to each other. This way you can empty the washer contents into a basket and slide that to the dryer and load up without having to lift anything.

There is also a lovely 'pool house' on the opposite side of the rectangular pool with couch and table that you can have munchies on after a good swim.

It also contains a storage room in the pool house for gardening or pool supplies. There is a lot of seating around the pool (some with a shade umbrella) as well as a better vantage point from the patio adjoining the upstairs study.

"Outdoor relaxation without leaving the main building…"

Underneath the patio is the undercover outdoor area with an L-shaped lounge giving good view of the pool, palm trees and garden beds. Outdoor relaxation without leaving the main building.

When going inside, the first thing you are greeted with is the large wood and glass front door. It has both a key and keypad for entry. Next comes the shiny wooden floors with large glass windows facing the ultra-widescreen view. More on the view later.

Warm yourself up by the fireplace

Second to the view is the living room which has a TV mounted above the 'see through' gas fireplace. Needless to say, the fireplace is very welcome right now. A long couch faces the TV and fireplace, making it an enticing location to lay down and sip a warm drink.

The dining room has a table that is made from solid wood planks put together and looks very attractive. The accompanying seats are rather unique in appearance and are comfortable to sit in.

The kitchen is a little different from the usual. Normally, we see the workbench as having the sink and the stove against a wall. Here however, we have the induction stove in the workbench with the extractor fans in the ceiling above. The stove beneath is large and appears similar to the ovens I've seen in previous homes.

There is plenty of shelf and cupboard space and the fridge looks roomy. In addition to this, the butler's pantry can hold quite a bit, so you should never be short on space.

The media room is at the other end of the house and faces away from the kitchen. It has a wall mounted TV and lay back seating.

In terms of air conditioning, there are units at both ends of the house (kitchen & media room), while upstairs, all the bedrooms have their own units as well as ceiling fans.

Inside the main house near the laundry, there is a bathroom available to those on the lower floor. It is conveniently placed so that it is easily within reach of the pool area, outdoor lounge it can be readily accessed from the nearby front door or a separate door around the side. Excellent if you’re on your way home and need to make a 'mad dash'.

"A view that conjures images of ‘misty mountain’ mornings"

Finishing off the downstairs part we have the patio. It is a long back patio spanning the full length of the house with outdoor table setting and a Masport MB500 BBQ (a 6 burner beast). This is a great place to see the view.

A view that conjures images of 'misty mountain' mornings & hot cups of goodness in your hands. The best place though is from the balcony off the master bedroom which I'll cover soon.

As this home is for the most part on stilts, you have a lot of storage space under the house and easy access to the downstairs plumbing, therefore easier (meaning cheaper) plumbing work.

While downstairs is all entertainment, upstairs is where the bedrooms and the study are. When going up the wooden stairs, the closest things you will see are the master bedroom and the study to the left. The study has a long table with seating and is in an open plan style. To its left is the balcony overlooking the pool area that I mentioned before.

The master bedroom is all you could hope it to be. The large tiled ensuite uses a single pane of glass used for the particularly big shower. This means easier to clean.

Going through the ensuite you get to the wardrobe where you can stock all those necessary outfits and casual wear that befits the quasi-'rural' lifestyle you now enjoy.

The best part of the bedroom is the little patio facing the view. As it is a level higher than the back patio, it gives the best view of the mountains sloping into each other. The virtual tour doesn't really capture the view as the mountains are pretty washed out. You can get a much more accurate showing from the flyer or the photos on the website.

The other bedrooms have their own 'wing'. Bedrooms two and three are quite spacious and feel very open due to the large windows and the aspect towards the view.

Bedroom four is a bit different in that it offers two single beds instead of the one larger one. The main bathroom has it all (shower, toilet and impressive bathtub) and is readily accessible, particularly for those in bedrooms two and four. Teenage children of the winner should take note here, when making the sprint to claim which room is theirs. Incidentally, Bedroom three has its own TV.

As bedrooms two and three are also upstairs they too share a superior view of the mountains to the patio downstairs.

Now I must point out that because both upstairs and downstairs have polished wood flooring, you can 'run and surf' in your socks. Note to the winner: please 'surf responsibly' and don't 'drink and surf', it doesn't end well!

The final area we are going to visit is the backyard. It has been cleared, grassed and accented with flowerbeds made using rock walls. The property is fenced in the front, on both sides and partially at the bottom.

With land this size, the options are endless!

It is great for letting children or grown men (same thing most of the time) run around in until they are exhausted. With all this land, other options are to: put in a chicken coup, pond, sand pit, go-kart track or some other flight of fancy. Zipline maybe?

One nice touch regarding this draw, is that not only is there gold with this house (always a good idea) but a Visa gift card. This means you don't have to spend it on travel, but other things as well.

So, there we have it! A home for getting away from it all, without having to go far. Big yard, big patio and big view. Well suited to those that want to lay back, landscape or let the kids run. I even had a pied butcher bird land on a rail near me and give me a song.

Already planning your big move to your Mudgeeraba Prize Home? Don’t miss out on your chance to win! This Draw is limited to 380,000 tickets, so you better be quick before they sell out.

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