Youth Worker a local legend

By: yourtown 04 Feb BoysTown, Blog
Youth Worker Nicole Johnston has always been a quiet achiever but it was her time to shine recently when she won a Local Legend Award.


The Local Legends Awards recognise those who make an outstanding contribution to the Logan community in South East Queensland. They celebrate and acknowledge people who dedicate their skills, enthusiasm and energy to a diverse range of causes.

Nicole was nominated by her team at BoysTown for recognition. They felt she deserved to be rewarded for many reasons but most importantly, her endless commitment to her community and to BoysTown. She always put the needs of young people above any other demands on her as a worker, ensuring they receive the best BoysTown has to offer. She also makes it a priority to ensure she has quality relationships with her co-workers. Nicole makes time to help others, whether it’s delivering a training program, data entry or making a cup of coffee. Nicole helps and she cares.
I’m feeling really honoured and humbled about getting this award. We do this job because we love our community and we love to help people. To get recognised for that is just amazing. Nicole Johnston.
Congratulations Nicole! You are a great example to everyone at BoysTown and we cannot wait see what you achieve for young people in the future.

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