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Try our early intervention and prevention program facilitated by Kids Helpline counsellors using video conferencing technology and available to all primary schools Australia-wide.

It’s a free educational program to help kids stay safe online, improve their digital intelligence and promote positive digital citizenship.

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All primary schools across Australia can access Optus Digital Thumbprint with Kids Helpline.

Helping Kids Stay Safe And Make Good Choices Online

All of our sessions are evidence-informed, interactive and fun, and can be personalised for your class!


The Optus Digital Thumbprint with Kids Helpline stream aims to promote digital respect, responsibility, resilience and empathy and online safety.

Sessions will help students learn:

  • Safe and responsible technology use
  • Critical thinking about mass media
  • Digital identity/online reputation
  • Online respect, empathy and resilience

97% of teachers reported sessions were likely to have improved students’ understanding of the topic discussed

In 2019, 13,035 students participated in video link-ups with a counsellor.

Topics are aligned with the General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum and can be tailored to suit your class.


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